Vanguard Rainbow

Teaching with Neopixels

The Rainbow project is our first Python-programmable kit for the classroom in the Vanguard series. With time and confidence you can source complete kits wholesale for below £5.75 BSP, with an estimated 7 minutes of preparation time per kit for soldering, crimping and software. For orientation, watch our introductory video.

For convenience sources and ships prepared kits ready-to-go for £12.00. This covers our shipping and preparation costs to flash with our software, solder and crimp on a cost-plus-100% pricing model. Buying kits supports the production of further online resources.  If you have already bought a kit, visit the Vanguard Rainbow getting started page for next steps.

The project incorporates the following (click on the item name for wholesale purchasing)…

Optionally, you can order…

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