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This starter kit for The Vanguard Rainbow project includes the board, a neopixel strip and all necessary cables to power and program the board and Neopixels over USB or Wifi. It’s all the hardware a learner or educator needs to get started with our simple programming examples after connecting to their Vanguard board. Vanguard Rainbow is the first kit in the Vanguard Series (sold to support development of resources on this site).

Battery packs are offered as an optional extra. If you don’t need a MicroB USB cable or the Neopixels, (you have your own hardware) buy just the Vanguard board for £6.50. For more detail on the project, visit the project page

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Is this a commercial project?

The resources at are CC-licensed, non-commercial and free for educators and learners to use and repurpose. currently redirects here. In the long run it will be a separate ecommerce site (based on Prestashop or Saleor) with retail transactions helping to fund further non-commercial resources at

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