Wiring Vanguard Rainbow

You will need…

  • The 8-pixel Display
  • The Jumper wires

Look at the back of your LED display. It should have three pins going into it, and three pins going out. Find the end of the display with the following three connections.

  • Power – labelled 5V or 4-7VDC
  • Ground – labelled GND
  • Data In – labelled DIN

Use the jumper wires to attach from the LED display to the Vanguard board as follows

  • 5V Power —> 5V (use red wire of the power cable)
  • GND —> GND (use black wire of the power cable)
  • DIN —> 14, (use yellow jumper wire)

Now your project is wired up, you can connect to the shell and start experimenting with the Rainbow programming examples.