Resetting your Vanguard Board

You can wipe your Vanguard board to get a clean start by installing the Vanguard tools and typing the following into a terminal

vanguard brainwash

This is equivalent to vanguard brainwash vanguard which will install the latest version of the Vanguard software, which is based on the latest Micropython image for ESP8266, with a set of built-in libraries provided by vgkits.

Configuring for Vanguard Rainbow

If you want to pre-configure your Vanguard board with libraries and power-up behaviours for one of our projects, such as Vanguard Rainbow, you can use for example…

vanguard brainwash vanguard+rainbow

This will install a pre-configured image specifically designed for that project.

Running Different Languages

Finally if you want to experiment with different programming languages you can try…

  • vanguard brainwash circuitpython – based on Micropython, designed by adafruit specifically for education
  • vanguard brainwash javascript – run javascript on your board, using Espruino instead of micropython

There are a number of more esoteric alternative languages which can be used, such as Basic, Lisp, Forth, Lua. Take a look at