Setting up the Vanguard Tools

This page shows how to install and configure the vgkits-vanguard tool.

This tool allows you to connect over USB to your Vanguard board to learn python commands, and to upload a new OS to your board.

N.B. The tools should also work with other ESP8266 or ESP32 boards running Circuitpython or Micropython.

You should already have installed pip3 and the USB drivers needed for your board. If you haven’t completed these steps, follow the instructions provided here.

To install the tools, run…

pip3 install --user vgkits-vanguard 

After vgkits-vanguard has installed, you should be able to connect to your board by typing this command, and pressing Enter

vanguard shell

Now you can learn python following this step-by-step guidance.

If you want to wipe everything from your Vanguard board and reinstall the OS (which takes about 20 seconds) type the following and press enter

vanguard brainwash

This command can also be used to install Circuitpython, Espruino and other operating systems, like vanguard brainwash circuitpython or vanguard brainwash espruino

Visit the Vanguard tools page for more detail and other available commands.