What are the Vanguard Tools?

We have written a collection of tools in python to run on your laptop and help with configuring or connecting to the Vanguard board.

Follow the instructions to set up the Vanguard Tools on your laptop.

Once you have the tools installed, you can see the readme file on Github for more information about available commands.

Background Information

The vgkits-vanguard tool is hosted in this github repository where we welcome feedback and issues. We are grateful to the developers of the following packages, which are wrapped into the tool …

  • pyserial – a module which is used to connect to the Vanguard board over a USB UART serial link.
  • esptool – utility to read and write software to ESP8266 processors (like the Vanguard and Feather Huzzah)
  • adafruit-ampy – provides operations to configure Micropython/Circuitpython on an ESP8266 processor
  • rshellprovides an interactive shell to configure Micropython/Circuitpython on an ESP8266 processor
  • thonny – a python editor designed for beginner programmers
  • six – provides facilities for code to be written for both python2 and python3 (2×3=6)
  • click – utility for creating command line tools

Bash Completion on Mac and Linux

After installing the tools, advanced users of the bash shell can get auto-completion of vanguard commands by copy-pasting the following into their terminal…

eval "$(_VANGUARD_COMPLETE=source vanguard)"

…or to make this change permanent, copy the line above into a file .bashrc in your home directory.